About the Platform

The PIER {Labs} Platform aims to facilitate the integration of the most diverse types of Applications into the Conductors data processing services. This is possible thanks to the Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs) available in it, which allow this process to be carried out in a simple way and using market standards  known by most developers. Therefore, PIER {Labs} acts as a manager of the most diverse types of requests for the databases of Conductor's client issuers, making it possible to establish communication between the solutions created by the developer community and Conductor in a short space of time.

In addition to the APIs, the developer has a vast library of SDKs, addressing the most diverse programming languages, along with a Sandbox environment so that he can register, develop and test the deployed integrations, all arranged in a light and easy to use interface.

Fast and Easy Integration

All features made available in the APIs are based on RESTful Webservices and their messages are trafficked following the JSON standard. You also have a diversified SDK repository to abstract all integration complexity.

Secure Data Traffic

Through PIER {Labs}, all requests travel via HTTPS with TLS 1.2 and are only processed through the validation of the Access Token and the Client ID, allowing full protection of the traffic data.

Immediate Availability

No hassle here! Once your Application is created and all integration tested with our API is performed, it is the developer who chooses when and how to make the solution available to the users.