How it Works

By signing up for the PIER {Labs} Platform and registering your application, you automatically receive an access token to start using the methods available in our sandbox environment APIs to integrate with your solution. Get to know our Modeling Patterns and navigate the API Browser to see what features are available. Feel free to develop solutions for the more than 70 Conductor customers.

Here you have a series of tools that aim to facilitate the integration process with our APIs. With Sandbox, you can test all the methods you want to contemplate in your solution. With the API Browser, you can simulate each of them in an intuitive and practical way. There is also our SDK repository which has a diverse library for you to develop in the language you are used to. Our Platform do all the rest!

Once tested and integrated into your Application, you can quickly make it available to production. To do this, simply ask the Driver Access Token for such an environment without the need to submit their solution to an approval process. Here, we offer the processing services, you enter with the business knowledge and target public of your application and the payment market are the ones who earns the most.