Update History

PIER Credit Card - Version 2.57

March 15 2018

Credit Transfer Between Bank Accounts: Added confirmation and cancellation feature for credit transfers between banks.

Establishments Management: Added query resources for groups and types of business origins.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.56

March 13, 2018

Fraud Risk: Added feature for validation of cardholder data.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.55

February 14, 2018

File Management: Added new type list features and possible status of Files stored in PIER Cloud.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.53

February 6, 2018

Travel Advisory: New features that enable transactions during travel, as well as additional listing and query features for countries.

Validation of CVV: Included resource for validation of CVV.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.52

February 1, 2018

File Features : Evolved cloud file storage features and added service for file integration with external services.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.51

February 1, 2018

Financial Transactions Facility by Account: Created resources that allow to authorize and cancel transactions by accounts, provided the transactions are registered to the Issuer.

Management of Billing Types and Settings: Added features that allow you to list, query, register, change and deactivate a billing type, in addition to the features of billing an account with the configure, query and deactivate features.

Establishments Management: Created resources that involves all the establishments management, they are: Management of economic groups, management of commercial origins, management of establishments, management of acquiring links, management of creditor operations, management of terminals and machines.

Payment History: New feature created to list payments made.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.50

December 20, 2017

SMS Notification Feature: Created feature to resend to a particular telephone number, via SMS, the security code previously generated for it. If the security code is no longer valid, the feature returns a message prompting you to request a new generation for the phone in question.

Operation Types Query: Added feature that allows the query and listing of types of operations that can be linked to an establishment.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.49

December 12, 2017

Bank Credit Transfer Facility: Resource created to simulate credit transfer between bank accounts.

Operation Types Query: Added feature that allows the query and listing of types of operations that can be linked to an establishment.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.48

December 12, 2017

Financial Adjustment Management: Created resource to enter, list and consult financial adjustments.

Query of Types of Operations Added feature that allows the query and listing of types of operations that can be linked to an establishment.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.47

November 28, 2017

Management of Establishment Phones: Created resources to insert, change, list and consult the phones of establishments.

Withdrawal Installment Resource: Added feature that allows the parcel installment transaction.

Bank Credit Transfer Resource: Includes listing and query features of credit transfers to bank accounts.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.46

November 21, 2017

Bank Account Management Bearer: Created resources to insert, change, list and consult the bearer's bank accounts.

Recurring Payments Inquiries: In addition to the type consultation, the Issuer is allowed to consult the recurring debits of an account.

Terminal Management: Including resources for registering and changing the terminals of the establishments.

Online Billing Registration Management: The features for managing the online batch registration settings have been included.

Management of Legal Entities: Added management services to control legal entities for the Issuer's establishments.

Limit and Availability Resources: Also added the resources to change and consult the limits and availabilities of an account.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.45

November 14, 2017

Invoice Inquiry: Feature evolution, added new invoice information such as the previous balance and details of the transactions listed.

Query for Recurring Debit Types: Included a resource for querying the types of recurring debits of the Issuer.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.44

November 7, 2017

Payment Slip Registration: A new feature that allows you to register online payment slips has been added.

Campaign Management: Now you can create a new campaign, such as, update or remove. Also created the feature that lists all the registered campaigns and their types, now allowing control over this service.

Revolving Credit Configuration: It is also possible to manage the revolving credit product, with the addition, updating and listing services of the sender's revolving credit.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.43

October 25, 2017

Transaction Event Type Query: A transaction event type query resource.

Payment Data Query: Updated payment data query feature so that even without support for ticket generation for the Issuer's bank, basic information such as value, minimum payment and others are returned by the resource.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.42

October 19, 2017

Anticipation of Lot Parcels: New features that allow you to perform lot simulation and anticipation for all available purchases of an account.

Invoice Inquiry: New feature that allows you to list and view invoices for an account. Invoices can be of the open type, which indicates the next due date, which indicates the bills already billed, or future ones, with projection of the installments to be released for the coming months.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.41

October 17, 2017

Batch Parcel Anticipation: New features that allow you to perform batch simulation and anticipation for all available purchases of an account.

Invoice Inquiry: New feature that allows you to list and view invoices for an account. The invoices can be of the open type, which follows to the next due date, which indicates the already invoiced, or future, with projection of the parcels to be released.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.40

October 10, 2017

Printed Card Data: Added feature to query the print data of a card.

E-mail sending Improvements in the sending feature of e-mail, providing data to monitor the delivery status of the e-mail and allowing several attachments.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.39

October 4, 2017

Conductor Pay: ConductorPay is a platform to enable and simplify the means of payment, integrated with merchants and used by the cardholder, you tokenize your private label cards and a virtual card or driver card is generated, in which you can use in purchases e-commerce, QR code and other means of payment.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.38

October 3, 2017

Security Codes: Added resources that handle sending and security control codes sent by sms and email.


PIER Cartão de Crédito - Version 2.37

29 de setembro de 2017

Integration with Repositories: Resource that also saves created documents in external repositories.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.36

September 27, 2017

Product Migration: Added feature that enables the migration of product to a particular account.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.35

September 21, 2017

User Login: Functionality that allows validation and change of password using users login.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.34

September 19, 2017

Email Notification: Functionality for sending email with document generated in attachment.

Added resource that allows the simulation of loans and financing.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.33

September 18, 2017

Invoice Payment in physical store: New resource for payment of invoice in physical store with special conditions.

Document generation: Added resources for document generation (creation of templates, definition of types, generation and sending by email).


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.32

September 14, 2017

Card transactions: New feature to facilitate transactions through the basic card data.

Operation Types: Query functionality of sender operations added.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.31

September 4, 2017p>

Simulation of Financing: It is now possible to simulate loans and financings of the issuer.

Invoice Document: Also created invoice generation feature in PDF format.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.30

August 30, 2017

Invoice feature Invoice feature updates, new fields (closing date) added..

Additional Management: New feature for additional management of an account.

Card Embossing: Added feature of sending greeting card to embossing.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.29

August 24, 2017

Provisional Card: Added feature that allows the creation of provisional cards..


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.28

August 18, 2017

Installment Plans: New resource that allows the consultation of installment plans for payment of an invoice..

Due date Cycles: Added feature that shows the due date cycles of postpaid issuers, including from the cutoff date to the billing date.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.27

August 4, 2017

Basic Fantasies Resource: Added resource for consultation of the basic fantasies registered in the Issuer, through the platform PIER {Labs}.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.26

August 3, 2017

Payments feature: You can now check all payments recorded in accounts.

Members of Legal Entity: New resource to consult all registered members of a Legal Entity.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.25

July 31, 2017

Promoters of the Issuer: New resource to access the promoters of the Issuer..

Card Reissue: Improvement in card reissue resources, including the launch of tariffs for the service.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.24

July 19, 2017

Credit transfer between bank accounts: Improvements in the transfer feature, being possible to separately define the value of the fee and the transfer.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.23

July 18, 2017p>

Webhook Fraud Monitoring: Update on the feature of monitoring transactions that can be considered fraud.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.22

July 17, 2017

Additional account bearers: You can now add additional bearers to an account directly through the API.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.21

July 12, 2017

Annuities in accounts: Developed resource that allows the inclusion of annuities in accounts.

Phone Operators: Feature that lists registered phone operators added in the PIER {Labs} API.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.20

July 10, 2017

Card Attributes: Now allows you to set whether or not to block the card, Also cancel and reactivate a card directly through the PIER {Labs} API.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.19

July 5, 2017

Account lockout: Now, in addition to allowing locking and unlocking of cards, the PIER {Labs} API allows you to lock and unlock a bearer account.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.18

July 3, 2017

Security codes via SMS: A new feature was developed to allow an issuer to generate security codes (access tokens) to their applications, and send them via SMS to the bearer, as well as validate them through PIER {Labs }.

Annuities in accounts: It is now possible to list a bearer's annuities.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.17

June 27, 2017

Address Consultation: You can now query addresses directly through a ZIP code, through our API for ZIP codes, integrated with PIER {Labs}.

E-mail and Notification Management: This feature allows an issuer to manage its own e-mail service by registering and changing its settings. In addition, it is also possible to manage email notification templates and / or SMS messages.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.16

June 5, 2017

Transaction Authorizations:  Now, via PIER, it is possible to simulate, cancel, undo and authorize financial transactions of an issuer.

Fees and Taxes: A feature has been developed that allows you to list the fees and charges for an account. In addition, it is possible to consult and configure the Anticipation Rate for a specific product.

Job Management: Through Jobs, a developer can generate custom jobs, which use PIER features, to run periodically on the sender base. Thus, it is allowed to register a Job, including it in a task scheduler, activate it and deactivate it, update its data and finally, list all the Jobs registered in the base of that emitter.

Abroad Use: A feature has been launched to enable and disable the use of a product abroad. In addition, all necessary support for the resource was developed, such as a list of continents and countries registered at the base of the issuer..

New Purchasing features:  You can now list all purchases made by an account. In addition, it is possible to simulate and effect the anticipation of installments of a specific purchase.

Virtual Card Management: From now on, virtual card operations such as generation and unlocking, for example, are allowed through the PIER API.

Bank Listing: This feature allows you to list and consult the banks registered in the issuer's database.

Terminals: It is now possible to list and query the terminals registered in the sender database.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.15

May 15, 2017

Mobile Device and Application Management:  From now on it is possible to register, list, activate and deactivate Mobile Devices, Applications and Platforms registered in the Issuer database, increasing the possibilities of developing your applications.

Card Management Enhancements:  A feature has been added that allows you to query card data needed to perform authorization services. Now it is also possible to generate both private and flagged cards. We have improved the process of unlocking cards, allowing even unlocked cards blocked by incorrect password attempts. Finally, we improved the password encryption process.

Improvements in User Management: It is now possible, via the PIER {Labs} API, to enable and disable users.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.14

May 2, 2017

Improvements in Account Management:  Now you can change the holder of a specific Account through the PIER {Labs} API. In addition, it is possible to list all accounts associated with a particular CPF or CNPJ, which are registered in the Issuer database.

Improvements in the Credit for Banking Accounts Feature  As of this version, the full support for credit operations was implemented through the Pay-to-Pay for Prepayments.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.13

April 17, 2017

Diverse improvements and refactoring method paths:  With each version of our API, we study ways to make development simpler and more intuitive. We always strive to introduce new features thinking in market terms, making life easier for anyone who wants to use our API in their applications. So we've dedicated a version to make a number of improvements for a more natural developmental flow, even for those with little programming experience with APIs. Nevertheless, we never fail to update our features and perform performance improvements, as well as include new features , even if they are transparent to the developer..

Tutorial for beginners:   Further thinking about the user of our API, we have developed a complete tutorial teaching how to start developing with PIER {Labs}, in response to some questions raised by our team over time. The first version of this tutorial can be accessed by the Documentation tab in the "How to start" option.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.12

April 11, 2017

Querying Specific Prepaid Card Bills:  Now you can query a specific lot of prepaid cards through your unique identifier.

Credit Transfers to Bank Accounts:  Now, through PIER {Labs}, you can make a transfer from a Credit Card to the same Carrier's Bank Account. In this operation, the credit amount will be debited from the Carrier Credit Card and credited to the destination Banking Account. In addition, it is possible to list transfers and consult the details of a specific transfer, for a simple query or even aiming the assembly of a voucher of 2nd route


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.11

April 3, 2017

Inquiry of open invoices::  Increasing the possibilities involving invoices, it is now possible that the Issuers or Carriers can consult the invoice consigned open.

Management of Opportunities:  Often an issuer wants to offer new opportunities to its clients or even initiate fundraising campaigns. Through this new functionality, it is possible to fully manage these opportunities, as well as all its characteristics, giving freedom of flexibility so that the Issuer can define them as they wish.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.10

March 24, 2017

Delayed Invoice History: In order to allow issuers to refer to a customer's past default history, we have provided an operation that allows you to list all invoices that the customer paid after its expiration, informing the number of days between the Due Date and the day on which he paid her.

Consultation and Updating of the Cadastral Details: Now the issuers can, through PIER {Labs}, carry out the updating of the details of the Registry of Individuals and Legal Entities.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.9

March 22, 2017

Registration of Accounts: From this version it is possible to register clients of the type natural or legal and automatically generate an account for them in the base of the issuer, to later choose which will have cards generated.

Digital Invoice Service: Now the issuers can offer in their applications the possibility of their customers to activate or deactivate the service of sending an Invoice by E-mail, called Digital Invoice.

Transaction Query: Our API now relies on the transaction listing features processed and on the raw transactions. With them, the issuers may in their applications create an extract of the financial transactions carried out by a certain Account.

Bank Invoice Data from the Invoice:: Issuers that have applications for customers to consult the data of the Invoice Compensation Sheet, regardless of the environment, can now do so through our API. Only customers in situations of Credit Default and Settlement or Loss will have the request for this request denied.

Generate Prepaid Refund Ticket: Issuers that work with the commercialization of Prepaid Cards, whether they are not nominal or assigned to a particular customer, may use the single ticket generation operation to allow the recharge of credits from the card.

History of Entry and Exit in Charge Offices: In order to provide more information to the issuers to manage the reactivation of customers after default, we offer this operation that shows the history of entries and exits of a certain Account in Charge Offices, which are companies contracted by the issuers to carry out the recovery of debts of the Bearers.

Limit Change History: Still as a way of delivering extra information to the issuers, we provide a feature that allows you to view all limit changes made to a certain Account.

Reactivation of Accounts: Customers who have been in a default situation together with the issuers and have settled their pending issues are left with their Account still with Blocking Status. So once your debt is zeroed, you'll be able to reactivate the Account so that it will once again be an active customer of the issuer through this feature.

Inserting Financial Adjustments: Contestation of transactions, undue tariff collection, negotiation to withdraw the interest charged and until the provision of credits are examples of functionalities that are part of the flow of inclusion of financial adjustments. Therefore, we provide in our API a set of operations that allow the issuer to enter credits or debits into the customers account.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.8

February 24, 2017

Management of transactions with risk Fraud: When a transaction is classified as Risk Fraud, currently the customer only learns by means of a telephone connection made by the issuer. We now provide in our API methods that allow the issuer to make the customer evaluate, recognize or deny the authenticity of a transaction made with his or her card. Even so, the flow through the Call Center remains active, always seeking to avoid fraudulent operations.

Webhooks Fraud Risk: Conductor customers who use the Driver Fraud Prevention platform, called Harpia, and wish to be notified of all transactions carried out by the carriers issued by them and which have been classified with some risk of Fraud, of this type of Webhook event. With it, it is enough to register a destination address that is able to receive a POST as is the event Risk Fraud.

User Management: Emitters who want to manage users of applications in the Conductor environment can now do so through our API. Register user, validate your access, request a new password and change the current password are some examples of operations that were made available related to the theme.

FAQ Management: As a way to enable a repository where the issuers register and manage recurring issues that are doubts of their clients, now they can do so using our API.

Credit Transfers between Prepaid Cards: Now Prepaid Card issuers who wish to allow their customers to transfer credit between their customers can do so through the Credit Card API. In this operation, a debit is posted to the source account with the amount to be transferred added to the transfer fee, when practiced by the issuer, in addition to the credit in the target account. There are no limitations to the transaction, except that the status of the source and destination account allow transfers to be made, as well as the balance of the originating customer that defrays the value of the transfer plus that of the service tariff.

Consult Customer's Current Debt: When a customer delays payment of their invoices, it is common for issuers to pass on the data so that Billing Advisory companies can negotiate this debt. Thus, we have created an operation that shows the updated debt customer data so that the partner Advisory systems can have the information updated at the time of the negotiation.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.7

February 22, 2017

Consigned Invoice Listing and Inquiries: By having a specific rule, in addition to the traditional invoices listing,now our PIER Credit Card API has specific features for issuers that uses the new Conductor standard for invoice processing with payment roll discount.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.6

February 16, 2017

Password Management: It is now possible to register, change and validate the card password. It is important to point out that these transactions the issuers that have chip cards can only fully utilize these operations if the process of validating the card password is of the online type.

PUSH Notifications Submission: We also provide the functionality that allows you to send PUSH to iOS or Android devices from customers who have authorized PUSHs from applications installed on your phone.

Sending SMS Notifications: In addition to sending PUSH, it is also possible to send SMS messages to customers as well as receive customer responses via SMS Interactive. For this, it is necessary to have contracted with Conductor this service, defining the values ​​for its use.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.5

January 19, 2017

Timeline: It is now possible to make available to the Holders a Time Line that displays in descending order the Events linked to the Client Account. Purchase, Withdrawal, Payments, Invoice Closing, Card Generation, and Limit Change transactions are examples of Events covered in this feature.

Card Reissue Generation: We also offer the functionality to request a new route of card Bandeirado. It will be possible to generate a card, as long as the StatusCartao of the current Carrier card allows a reissue and there is no new route request still being processed. With this operation, the cards generated follow the same graphic print flow already practiced by the Issuer.

Generation of Prepaid Cards: Issuers working with non-prepaid Prepaid Cards may use PIER {Labs} to generate a new batch of cards, choosing the place of delivery of the same, as well as consulting Lots of Pre- Payments issued by the platform or through the API. It should be noted that only emitters that have this parameterized functionality can make use of this operation.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.4

January 17, 2017

Registration and Change of the Card Password: For Issuers working with cards where the password is only validated in the Authorizer, that is, online, they can now make available that the holder register or change the card password.

Validate the Card Password: it is also possible to validate the Card password. This functionality can be used within the process of changing the password of the card to validate the previous password, as a method of positive identification of the customer within processes such as request for change of expiration, change of limits, among the most diverse available. In this method, if the number of attempts to enter incorrect passwords is exceeded, the card is automatically blocked for this reason.

Validate MasterCard Card Cryptogram: In debit transactions with Mastercard cards, the Issuers must develop integration with the Driver authorization process. Now with this new feature they can validate the authenticity of the card from the capture of the cryptogram generated by reading the chip of the card. For Visa and Cabal cards the validation of the Cryptogram is carried out exclusively by the Flag.

Validate Flagged Magnetic Strip In case the issuer wants to develop an operation where it is necessary to validate the authenticity of the data contained in the Magnetic Card of the Visa, MasterCard, GoodC ard or Cabal Flags, they can do so through this new functionality.

Validate Digitized Card: Now it is also possible to validate the authenticity of the data printed on the card. To do this, simply enter the card number, the printed name, the expiration date and the security code printed on it. If any data is incorrectly reported, the system returns only an error, without informing which data is wrong, in order to give more security to the operation.

Assign a Prepaid Card to a Person: Issuers working with non-prepaid Prepaid Cards may associate a Card of this type with a particular customer. When using this operation, the Person associated with the Card becomes the holder of the Account to which the Card in question forms part.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.3

January 2, 2017

In this version we return to make punctual adjustments of the platform. But do not worry! We are working to bring new features to you.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.2

November 30, 2017

Card Generation for Bulk Printing Through this functionality it is possible to request the generation of a new route of a flagged card for a certain Account and Person, whether it is the holder or additional to the Account. In response to this operation, all data required to print Mastercard, Visa, Good Card or Cabal cards are informed according to the flag used by the Issuer, allowing the printing of cards in stores, kiosks, offices and terminals. self service. In this way, the cards generated by this operation will not follow for graphic printing.

Changing Limits: We also provide the functionality to perform the limit Changes assigned to the account, provided that the Client's StatusConta allows to perform this type of operation.


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.1

November 08, 2017

Blockage or Card Cancellation: This method allows the (temporary) locking or cancellation (definitive) of a particular card to be made from its identification code (id). For this, it is necessary to inform the reason of this block that is nothing more than to assign a new StatusCartao to him of the options practiced by the sender.

Change of Due Date: We also provide the functionality to perform the Change of the Due Date of Invoices that will be generated for the Account, provided that the Client's StatusConta allows this type of operation to be performed.

Telephone and Address Management: It is now possible to list, consult, register new or change Telephones and Addresses of a particular Person, whether it is the owner or an additional Account.

Consultation of Telephones and Addresses types: Home, Cellular or Work Phone? Residential, Commercial or Correspondence Address? Each Issuer has its own codes to classify each telephone and address of its customers. With these methods you can know the code of each one of them.

Personnel Management: Before being a client of the Issuer, it is necessary that this person, be it Natural or Legal, be registered as a person. Therefore, we make available the operations to list, consult, register or change the registry of People.

Carrier Management: Once someone becomes a client of the issuer, it also becomes a carrier of a particular Card. With the operations of listing and consultation of holders your application will be able to know which cards each person has and whether they are holders or additional of a certain account..

Listing and Accounts Consultation: Now you can list and consult the existing accounts at issuer´s database..


PIER Credit Card - Version 2.0

October 7, 2016

All new! We've redesigned our entire API to have targeted operations and even more optimized performance. From now on all new applications must use this new version and we will work together with each issuer to perform the migration of the applications that use version 1.1 to this new structure..

For all available operations, check our API Browser.